November 7, 2016

The 2015 Year in Review

The First Trailblazer Awards Proves Successful!

By Everything Underground

Any first year venture faces its share of problems, particularly an awards show. But the first annual Trailblazer Awards proved a success far beyond expectations. The event attracted an overflow crowd to Nashville’s Agenda club last Oct. 4.
The program’s purpose was two fold. One was to honor pioneers in the fields of education, journalism, entertainment, gospel and broadcasting. The second was to continue the mission of the Indianapolis-based organization Everything Underground, which was founded nearly 14 years ago to build, develop and foster co-operation and interaction between Black businesses and enterprises across the state, region and throughout the nation.

The initial class of honorees included many distinguished people. Among those honored were Dr. Bobby Jones, Dr. Sybril Bennett, John Heidelberg, Nella Pearl Frierson, Hazel Joyner Smith, Connie Denell, Sharon Kay, Rosetta Miller Perry, Young Buck, Charles Howe, Jesse Johnson, Janiro Hawkins and Ron Wynn.

A sign of how well the inaugural event went and the respect it already has earned was the fact almost all the honorees attended. Lashell Daniels, creator and owner of Everything Underground explained the philosophy behind the event and the selections of Trailblazer awards this way, saying:

“We wanted to recognize those individuals in the Middle Tennessee area who have made a difference and paved paths for those that follow behind them. Our list of honorees, which were voted for by our board, covers a wide demographic and we feel that the community will be able to draw inspiration from every person on the program. We are beyond excited to award and recognize these individuals for their hard work.”

The Trailblazer Awards
The 2016 edition of The Trailblazer Awards, With more pioneers will be highlighted in Indianapolis, IN.
For the location for the second edition, and more details regarding the time and other information Click Here.
Given the excitement generated by the first show, there will be plenty of interest and anticipation for the Second Edition of The Trailblazer Awards.

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